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TheSarvo appears to be lacking in a guide for (Northern) Badgers beyond a mere mention in Other Northern Crags. TheCrag has a list of climbs in the area but a bit short on detailed beta for which crag is which.

I don't have access to my copy of Climb Northern Tas so I don't know what's in there or how up-to-date that is.


Anyone on here with the goss for the area and happy for me to pick their brains?? GPS coords of which wall is where from mostly.




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  1. Hi Dave,


    I've been up there twice over the last two years and have found there to be around 10 or so new routes done by Henry Lindner and his partner. Some really good additions to the area.

    There also seems to be a fair bit more potential for new routes the further you walk along the walking track

    Next time I'm up there I'll collect coordinates etc. new photos and everything else needed to write it up on here.