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  <header name="Barbecue Crag" id="1" walk="Couple of minutes" sun="All day " rock="North facing sandstone" acknowledgement="" intro="With some excellent north facing rock only five minutes walk from the road, these cliffs are bound to be popular. " history="" access="From the main road, after 50m take the left fork, which after 250m reaches the old metal barbecue, where there is a turning circle and limited parking. Orange tape marks the way first to the base of the upper crags (Wave Wall and the Balconies), and then leads to the lower crag (Shadow Wall)." camping="" autonumber="true"/>
  <gps id="439">
    <point pid="1" latitude="-42.511438" longitude="147.71149" easting="558449" northing="5293191" zone="55G" description="Shadow Wall"/>
    <point pid="3" description="Matchbox Wall" latitude="-42.51166" longitude="147.71119" easting="558425" northing="5293167" zone="55G"/>
    <point pid="4" description="Wave Wall" latitude="-42.51164" longitude="147.71168" easting="558465" northing="5293168" zone="55G"/>
    <point pid="5" description="The Balconies" latitude="-42.51158" longitude="147.71146" easting="558447" northing="5293175" zone="55G"/>
    <point pid="6" description="Wok Burner buttress" latitude="-42.513418" longitude="147.710961" easting="558404" northing="5292972" zone="55G"/>
  <text id="405" class="heading3">Wave Wall</text>
  <text id="406" class="text">The orange taped track leads along the base of Wave Wall, initially a small low angle cliff suitable for some beginner's climbs, rising to a small steep buttress where the cliff line bends to the left.</text>
  <image id="407" src="WaveWallRight.jpg" height="1208" legend="true" legendTitle="Wave Wall Right End">
      <path id="63821" points="19.0,1022.0, 103.0,550.0, 228.0,129.0,lower" d="M19.0,1022.0C52.6,833.2 63.0,721.0 103.0,550.0C143.0,379.0 178.0,297.4 228.0,129.0" linkedTo="408"/>
      <path id="36685" points="306.0,995.0, 290.0,561.0, 320.0,408.0, 404.0,185.0, 406.0,82.0,lower" d="M306.0,995.0C299.6,821.4 288.5,623.3 290.0,561.0C291.5,498.7 301.9,467.7 320.0,408.0C338.1,348.3 393.5,224.8 404.0,185.0C414.5,145.2 405.2,123.2 406.0,82.0" linkedTo="409"/>
  <climb id="408" stars="*" extra="4Þ" number="1." name="Point Break" length="8m" grade="13" fa="David Stephenson, August 2018">Up the nose of the buttress, with a harder move or two to negotiate the steepening midway. Nice climbing.</climb>
  <climb id="409" stars="*" extra="5Þ" number="2." name="Crest" length="8m" grade="20" fa="David Stephenson, August 2018">Up the right side of the buttress, passing the protruding flake on its left, followed by some neat moves back right onto the nose and up the overhanging headwall.</climb>
  <text id="410" class="heading3">The Balconies</text>
  <text id="411" class="text">Continuing along the base of the cliffs for 50m or so, the next steep red buttress is flanked on either side by large rooves that cap the cliff.</text>
  <image id="412" src="Balconies.jpg" height="1208" legendTitle="The Balconies" legend="true">
      <path id="44789" points="258.0,1188.0, 253.0,681.0, 322.0,465.0, 220.0,302.0, 353.0,105.0,lower" d="M258.0,1188.0C256.0,985.2 245.0,771.3 253.0,681.0C261.0,590.7 328.7,541.6 322.0,465.0C315.3,388.4 213.4,378.6 220.0,302.0C226.6,225.4 299.8,183.8 353.0,105.0" linkedTo="413"/>
      <path id="81095" points="572.0,1197.0, 606.0,703.0, 600.0,397.0, 587.0,200.0, 568.0,74.0,lower" d="M572.0,1197.0C585.6,999.4 601.7,825.3 606.0,703.0C610.3,580.7 603.0,475.9 600.0,397.0C597.0,318.1 592.0,250.7 587.0,200.0C582.0,149.3 575.6,124.4 568.0,74.0" linkedTo="414"/>
      <path id="19290" points="682.0,722.0, 625.0,471.0, 608.0,303.0,lower" d="M682.0,722.0C659.2,621.6 636.7,537.5 625.0,471.0C613.3,404.5 614.8,370.2 608.0,303.0" linkedTo="415"/>
  <climb id="413" stars="**" extra="5Þ" number="3." name="Tarzan" length="9m" grade="19" fa="David Stephenson, August 2018">Starts up the steep left side of the buttress, stepping right onto the nose and then back left over the overhang with some interesting moves gaining the upper arête. Climb past the tree on the right, slightly harder if the tree is not used, to the lower offs.</climb>
  <climb id="414" stars="**" extra="5Þ" number="4." name="Jane" length="9m" grade="23" fa="David Stephenson, November 2019">An extended boulder problem leads up the right hand arête. Can be started at the base or bypass the easy slab by scrambling up to the ledge and get straight to the business.</climb>
  <climb id="415" stars="*" extra="4Þ" number="5." name="Jack Horner" length="6m" grade="18" fa="David Stephenson, September 2018">The overhanging corner on the right.</climb>
  <text id="441" class="heading3">Wok Burner Buttress</text>
  <text id="442" class="text">Shortest approach at Sand River. The tops of the routes are less than 10m from the road. Take the turnoff to Barbecue crag. About half way to the turning circle, there are pullouts on the right and left of the road beside a small quarried face. Park here. Look for a small cairn on the left side of the road - this indicates the start of a scramble down below the road. When at the bottom of the crag, turn left and after about 25m look for a neat slim buttress (GPS in introduction). It’s called Wok Burner as it’s tacked onto the side of Barbecue. Can also be accessed from the bouldering cave (see the bouldering section) or by wandering along the complex escarpment from the Balconies etc.</text>
  <image id="447" src="51AF9FC6-2AA1-4DE0-906A-4F255DB65F7F.jpeg" height="1421" width="500" legendTitle="Wok Burner Buttress" legend="true">
      <path id="4562" points="291.0,1290.0,label 278.0,966.0, 208.0,646.0, 205.0,454.0, 200.0,343.0, 195.0,229.0, 166.0,106.0,lower" d="M291.0,1290.0C285.8,1160.4 294.6,1094.6 278.0,966.0C261.4,837.4 218.8,722.0 208.0,646.0C197.2,570.0 206.2,498.4 205.0,454.0C203.8,409.6 202.0,387.4 200.0,343.0C198.0,298.6 201.5,274.2 195.0,229.0C188.5,183.8 177.6,155.2 166.0,106.0" linkedTo="443" arrow="false"/>
      <path id="48199" points="269.0,874.0, 337.0,634.0, 344.0,498.0, 283.0,373.0, 221.0,274.0, 191.0,171.0," d="M269.0,874.0C296.2,778.0 326.3,687.4 337.0,634.0C347.7,580.6 355.0,551.3 344.0,498.0C333.0,444.7 305.5,414.0 283.0,373.0C260.5,332.0 238.8,313.1 221.0,274.0C203.2,234.9 203.0,212.2 191.0,171.0" linkedTo="444" arrow="true"/>
  <climb id="443" stars="*" extra="5Þ" number="6." name="Hickam’s Dictum" length="14m" grade="16" fa="Domhnall Brannigan and Jim Duff 12/11/2020">A route can have as many variations as it damn well pleases! &lt;br/&gt;From the toe of the buttress follow the direct line of bolts up the face. Thin start, tricky move onto slab then jugs to the finish. It is (un)fortunately possible to escape the crux and climb up the crack to the right at a more amenable grade 13.</climb>
  <climb id="444" stars="" extra="5Þ" number="7." name="Crabtree’s Bludgeon" length="14m" grade="13" fa="Domhnall Brannigan and Jim Duff 12/11/2020">A variation really. Right line using crack to avoid crux of HD - same bolts can be clipped</climb>
  <text id="416" class="heading3">Shadow Wall</text>
  <text id="417" class="text">Following the orange tape a couple of minutes downhill from the right hand end of Wave Wall leads to the top of Shadow Wall, which offers a good concentration of nice routes in the upper teens. Abseil (18m, DBB) to base of cliff, or follow the tapes down to the right (as you face out from the cliff).</text>
  <image id="418" src="ShadowWall.jpg" height="795" legend="true" legendTitle="Shadow Wall">
      <path id="30982" points="83.0,785.0, 249.0,459.0, 393.0,159.0,lower" d="M83.0,785.0C149.4,654.6 189.9,578.3 249.0,459.0C308.1,339.7 335.4,279.0 393.0,159.0" linkedTo="419"/>
      <path id="92441" points="322.0,774.0, 430.0,439.0, 527.0,155.0,lower" d="M322.0,774.0C365.2,640.0 392.3,553.0 430.0,439.0C467.7,325.0 488.2,268.6 527.0,155.0" linkedTo="420"/>
      <path id="24457" points="499.0,774.0, 622.0,127.0,lower" d="M499.0,774.0C548.2,515.2 572.8,385.8 622.0,127.0" linkedTo="421"/>
      <path id="63667" points="857.0,784.0, 722.0,407.0, 792.0,113.0, 803.0,90.0,lower" d="M857.0,784.0C803.0,633.2 733.7,527.3 722.0,407.0C710.3,286.7 789.5,122.9 792.0,113.0C794.5,103.1 798.6,99.2 803.0,90.0" linkedTo="422"/>
      <path id="86604" points="1153.0,776.0, 989.0,563.0, 837.0,430.0, 807.0,335.0, 837.0,177.0, 857.0,82.0,lower" d="M1153.0,776.0C1087.4,690.8 1043.5,622.7 989.0,563.0C934.5,503.3 861.9,461.1 837.0,430.0C812.1,398.9 807.0,374.8 807.0,335.0C807.0,295.2 829.5,215.1 837.0,177.0C844.5,138.9 849.0,120.0 857.0,82.0" linkedTo="423"/>
      <path id="67376" points="14.0,644.0, 122.0,451.0, 224.0,287.0, 271.0,174.0,lower" d="M14.0,644.0C57.2,566.8 82.8,517.6 122.0,451.0C161.2,384.4 200.8,330.1 224.0,287.0C247.2,243.9 252.2,219.2 271.0,174.0" linkedTo="424"/>
      <path id="93749" points="8.0,445.0, 89.0,344.0, 153.0,268.0, 203.0,181.0,lower" d="M8.0,445.0C40.4,404.6 63.8,374.7 89.0,344.0C114.2,313.3 130.2,300.6 153.0,268.0C175.8,235.4 183.0,215.8 203.0,181.0" linkedTo="426"/>
  <climb id="425" stars="" extra="6Þ" number="8." name="Keep Calm and Carry On" length="16m" grade="1415" fa="Tony McKenny, Dave Stephenson, , Sept 2018">Takes a line up the left hand arête of Shadow Wall. A neat warm up for some, or a first lead for a neophyte. Fun. Mostly gr.14 with a strenuous finish.</climb>
  <climb id="426" stars="*" extra="7Þ " number="9." name="Storm(y) in a D-Cup " length="16m" grade="16" fa="Neale Smith. Bob Bull. September 2018">On the left side of the the steepening wall behind the big tree root. Thoughtful and fun.</climb>
  <climb id="428" stars="**" extra="10Þ " number="10." name="Rising Right " length="20m" grade="18" fa="Neale Smith. Bob Bull. Sept 2018">A girdle traverse from the start of Storm(y) in a D-Cup up to the lower offs on Shady Deals. An absolute hoot, as much of a challenge for the second as the leader. Start as per Storm(y) in a D-Cup, up this for 3 bolts then across at this level till pulling up over the break on Shadow Play, traverse across to Shady Deals and up to its finish.</climb>
  <climb id="424" stars="*" extra="7Þ " number="11." name="Annica" length="17m" grade="18" fa="Stu Scott, September 2018">What a surprise - thin start followed by good climbing to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="419" stars="*" extra="7Þ" number="12." name="Enemy of the People" length="18m" grade="17" fa="Stu Scott, August 2018">Starts on the left side of the wall, with the crux moves coming in the initial steeper section and a thinnish move at the very top.</climb>
  <climb id="420" stars="**" extra="7Þ" number="13." name="Witch Hunt" length="18m" grade="18" fa="Stu Scott, August 2018">Some thin moves through the first section, followed by pleasant climbing up the head-wall. Very worthwhile.</climb>
  <climb id="421" stars="***" extra="7Þ" number="14." name="Deep State" length="19m" grade="17" fa="Tony McKenny and Bob Bull, August 2018">Classic of the crag. Sustained interesting climbing the whole way. Excellent.</climb>
  <climb id="422" stars="**" extra="9Þ" number="15." name="Shadowplay" length="19m" grade="15" fa="Tony McKenny, August 2018">Lovely climbing passing a series of small overhangs on the right side of the wall.</climb>
  <climb id="423" stars="**" extra="8Þ" number="16." name="Shady Deals" length="20m" grade="15" fa="Bob Bull,  Stu Scott Sept 2018">Entertaining climbing up the arete with a cut loose move to boot!</climb>
  <climb id="427" stars="*" extra="8Þ" number="17." name="Shady Deals Variant" length="20m" grade="19" fa="Stu Scott, Bob Bull 2018">Up the groove to the right of Shady Deals to join at bolt 3.</climb>
  <climb id="430" stars="*" extra="8Þ" number="18." name="Rising Left" length="25m" grade="19" fa="Dave Stephenson and Neale Smith, October 2018">A right to left rising traverse that is quite sustained. Climb Shady Deals Variant to SD bolt 3, then keep moving left, clipping the 3rd bolts of Shadowplay, Deep State, and Witch Hunt. A few thin moves here lead to the 4th bolt of Enemy of the People, the 5th bolt of Annica, the 6th bolt of Storm(y), then the last bolt and loweroffs of Keep Calm.</climb>
  <text id="433" class="heading3">Matchbox Wall</text>
  <text id="434" class="text">Feeling a bit socially anxious at Shadow Wall? Slip away for an additional two (very) short routes. Turn left around the corner at the base of Shadow Wall and follow the well-defined track along the wall for 50 m.</text>
  <image id="436" src="MatchboxWall.jpg" height="868" legend="true" legendTitle="Matchbox Wall" legendx="795" legendy="95">
      <path id="24949" points="671.0,801.0, 653.0,365.0, 609.0,157.0,lower" d="M671.0,801.0C663.8,626.6 661.1,449.6 653.0,365.0C644.9,280.4 626.6,240.2 609.0,157.0" linkedTo="437" arrow="false"/>
      <path id="7053" points="887.0,720.0, 844.0,255.0, 810.0,169.0,lower" d="M887.0,720.0C869.8,534.0 849.1,291.6 844.0,255.0C838.9,218.4 823.6,203.4 810.0,169.0" linkedTo="438"/>
      <path id="87945" points="428.0,813.0, 410.0,519.0, 293.0,383.0, 270.0,261.0, 313.0,161.0," d="M428.0,813.0C420.8,695.4 420.0,590.1 410.0,519.0C400.0,447.9 316.7,426.6 293.0,383.0C269.3,339.4 266.1,304.4 270.0,261.0C273.9,217.6 295.8,201.0 313.0,161.0" lineStyle="dashed" labelText="?"/>
      <path id="7586" points="411.0,521.0, 457.0,317.0, 456.0,138.0," d="M411.0,521.0C401.0,449.9 448.6,388.1 457.0,317.0C465.4,245.9 456.4,209.6 456.0,138.0" lineStyle="dashed"/>
      <path id="93468" points="" d=""/>
  <climb id="437" stars="" extra="3Þ" number="19." name="Missing Yorick" length="7m" grade="16" fa="Gabriel Kinzler &amp; Emalisa White, July 2020">Straight up from the little alcove at the bottom.</climb>
  <climb id="438" stars="" extra="3Þ" number="20." name="Allumette" length="7m" grade="17" fa="Gabriel Kinzler &amp; Emalisa White, July 2020">Straight up starting on top of the pile of rocks. Don’t use chossy corner of death.</climb>