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  <header id="6" accessautonumber="The most straightforward method is to drive to Buckland, about 60km NE of Hobart on the A3, then turn left on the C318 (Buckland Rd). &lt;br/&gt;Keep on the C318 (Buckland Rd) after it turns to dirt. true" camping="" history="Jon Nermut and Dave Humphries had a look at the dolerite for sport climbing in 2014 but then moved their attention to Kempton. During that trip a couple of freestanding boulders on the western side of the road were noticed.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;AtDave 17.5kmwent thereback isin a2018 largeto crossexplore roadthe withbouldering nopotential name,and turnfound lefta towardslot Mtof Hobbs.likely Driveproblems alongwithin thisa roadcouple forof 5km.hundred Atmetres 5kmof the road forks,on take the rightEastern forkside, upsome thevisible hill. You should be able to see cleared area to the left and to the right Big Roof and the Golden Greek boulders. Park off the road at the pink tape. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The pink tape takes you to Cracked boulder (about 5 minutes walk) or if you go right at the double taped markers to The Emasculator boulder.&lt;br/&gt; &lt;br/&gt;The journey takes a little over one hour from Hobart."from the road." acknowledgement="" name="Mt Hobbs" walk="2-10 Mins" sun="" rock="Dolerite" intro="Mt Hobbs is a dolerite mountain north of Buckland. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The bouldering area is formed by the dolerite columns of Mt Hobbs falling down the southern side providing slabs, vertical and overhanging faces on the one outcrop, literally something for everyone. The boulders range in size from low balls to massive highballs that will require special trousers, with everything in between.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The potential looks enormous but it’s hard to know without trying a range of the available boulders, so get a brush and a shovel/spade to clean the toupee of ferns off the top out holds and put your name to something!&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The boulders are featured on almost all faces and the dolerite texture is like coarse sandstone and the landings are generally, surprisingly good.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;So far exploration has covered a 300m x 300m area that looks to have 50+ boulders and some sport routes.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;A track to Cracked boulder leads from the carpark area." rock="Dolerite" sun="" walk="2-10 Mins" name="Mt Hobbs" acknowledgement="" history="Jon Nermut and Dave Humphries had a look at the dolerite for sport climbing in 2014 but then moved their attention to Kempton. During that trip a couple of freestanding boulders on the western side of the road were noticed.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Note: If you find loose rock or dirty holds on a problem use your judgement and make it safe and give it a clean." access="The most straightforward method is to drive to Buckland, about 60km NE of Hobart on the A3, then turn left on the C318 (Buckland Rd). &lt;br/&gt;Keep on the C318 (Buckland Rd) after it turns to dirt. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;At 17.5km there is a large cross road with no name, turn left towards Mt Hobbs. Drive along this road for 5km. At 5km the road forks, take the right fork up the hill. You should be able to see cleared area to the left and to the right Big Roof and the Golden Greek boulders. Park off the road at the pink tape. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;DaveThe wentpink backtape intakes 2018you to exploreCracked theboulder bouldering(about potential5 andminutes foundwalk) aor lotif ofyou likelygo problemsright withinat athe coupledouble oftaped hundredmarkers metresto ofThe the road on the Eastern side, some visible from the road." camping="" autonumber="true"Emasculator boulder.&lt;br/&gt; &lt;br/&gt;The journey takes a little over one hour from Hobart."/>
  <gps id="18">
    <point descriptionpid="Car parking1" zonelatitude="55G-42.51571" northinglongitude="5292799147.58145" easting="547764" longitudenorthing="147.581455292799" latitudezone="-42.5157155G" piddescription="1Car parking"/>
    <point descriptionpid="Vitamin D area2" zonelatitude="55G-42.51516" northinglongitude="5292859147.58261" easting="547859" longitudenorthing="147.582615292859" latitudezone="-42.5151655G" piddescription="2Vitamin D area"/>
  <text class="heading3" id="9">Vitamin D area</text>
  <text class="text" id="19">Follow the pink track to Cracked boulder. Then head up hill for about 50m.</text>
  <image id="10" heightlegend="450true" width="800" src="MT Hobbs Vitamin D.jpg" widthheight="800" legend="true"450">
      <path id="72983" linkedTopoints="8" arrow="true"217.0,365.0, 218.0,312.0, 206.0,234.0," d="M217.0,365.0C217.4,343.8 219.8,333.1 218.0,312.0C216.2,290.9 210.8,265.2 206.0,234.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="8"/>
      <path id="87373" points="217293.0,365342.0, 218381.0,312265.0, 206393.0,234214.0,"/>       <path id="87373" linkedTo="12" d="M293.0,342.0C328.2,311.2 368.1,281.5 381.0,265.0C393.9,248.5 378.9,229.5 393.0,214.0" linkedTo="12"/>
      <path id="9063" points="293237.0,342361.0, 381237.0,265334.0, 393245.0,214297.0,"/>
      <path id="9063" linkedTo="11" arrow="true"  311.0,245.0, 383.0,223.0, 480.0,98.0, 499.0,53.0," d="M237.0,361.0C237.0,350.2 235.7,344.7 237.0,334.0C238.3,323.3 235.3,308.6 245.0,297.0C254.7,285.4 284.5,259.2 311.0,245.0C337.5,230.8 368.9,238.5 383.0,223.0C397.1,207.5 469.0,114.1 480.0,98.0C491.0,81.9 491.4,71.0 499.0,53.0" pointsarrow="237.0,361.0, 237.0,334.0, 245.0,297.0, 311.0,245.0, 383.0,223.0, 480.0,98.0, 499.0,53.0,"true" linkedTo="11"/>
  <problem id="8" name="V0" numberlength="1." starsfa="" grade="V0" extra="(SDS)" fagrade="V0" lengthstars="" number="1.">Start both hands on low rail.</problem>
  <problem id="11" name="Vitamin D" numberlength="2." starsfa="*" grade="V2"Dave Humphries Oct 2018" extra="(SDS)" fagrade="Dave Humphries Oct 2018" length="V2" stars="*" number="2.">Start with both hands on the low rail and finish through the roof.</problem>
  <problem id="12" name="Vitamin D+" numberlength="3." starsfa="***" grade="V3"Dave Humphries Oct 2018" extra="(SDS)" fagrade="Dave Humphries Oct 2018" length="V3" stars="***" number="3.">Starts under the overhang with both hands on the incut flaky jug then climbs the roof directly to the jug on Vitamin D. Finish as for Vitamin D.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="17">Go over the rise to the south and walk past a couple of stacked horizontals you should be able to see below you a boulder with a trimmed edge. This is the inauspicious Shady boulder.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Shady boulder is about 20m behind Cracked Boulder.</text>
  <text class="heading3" id="13">Shady Boulder</text>
  <image id="16" heightlegend="888true" width="500" src="MT Hobbs Small Shady.jpg" widthheight="500" legend="true"888">
      <path id="50893" linkedTopoints="14" arrow="true"237.0,489.0, 172.0,376.0, 149.0,277.0," d="M237.0,489.0C211.0,443.8 187.6,413.5 172.0,376.0C156.4,338.5 158.2,316.6 149.0,277.0" pointsarrow="237.0,489.0, 172.0,376.0, 149.0,277.0,"true" linkedTo="14"/>
      <path id="97120" linkedTopoints="15" arrow="true"311.0,511.0, 207.0,228.0," d="M311.0,511.0C269.4,397.8 248.6,341.2 207.0,228.0" pointsarrow="311.0,511.0, 207.0,228.0,"true" linkedTo="15"/>
  <problem id="14" name="" numberlength="4." starsfa="" grade="V0" extra="(SDS)" fagrade="V0" lengthstars="" number="4.">Start on the big jug then head left.</problem>
  <problem id="15" name="" numberlength="5." starsfa="" grade="V?" extra="(SDS)" fagrade="V?" lengthstars="" number="5.">Bunched start v4ish.</problem>
  <text class="heading3" id="21">Cracked Boulder</text>
  <text class="text" id="22">Follow the track up from the car park.</text>
  <image id="23" heightlegend="428true" width="800" src="Mt Hobbs Cracked Boulder All.jpg" widthheight="800" legend="true"428">
      <path id="63125" linkedTopoints="24" arrow="true"199.0,357.0, 107.0,275.0," d="M199.0,357.0C162.2,324.2 143.8,307.8 107.0,275.0" pointsarrow="199.0,357.0, 107.0,275.0,"true" linkedTo="24"/>
      <path id="11688" linkedTopoints="25" arrow="true"259.0,358.0, 213.0,206.0," d="M259.0,358.0C240.6,297.2 231.4,266.8 213.0,206.0" pointsarrow="259.0,358.0, 213.0,206.0,"true" linkedTo="25"/>
      <path id="21891" linkedTopoints="27" arrow="true"448.0,344.0, 250.0,167.0," d="M448.0,344.0C368.8,273.2 329.2,237.8 250.0,167.0" pointsarrow="448.0,344.0, 250.0,167.0,"true" linkedTo="27"/>
      <path id="82773" linkedTopoints="26" arrow="true"341.0,342.0, 318.0,166.0," d="M341.0,342.0C331.8,271.6 327.2,236.4 318.0,166.0" pointsarrow="341.0,342.0, 318.0,166.0,"true" linkedTo="26"/>
      <path id="4025" linkedTopoints="28" arrow="true"429.0,288.0, 417.0,60.0," d="M429.0,288.0C424.2,196.8 421.8,151.2 417.0,60.0" pointsarrow="429.0,288.0, 417.0,60.0,"true" linkedTo="28"/>
      <path id="13467" linkedTopoints="29" arrow="true"460.0,320.0, 660.0,197.0," d="M460.0,320.0C540.0,270.8 580.0,246.2 660.0,197.0" pointsarrow="460.0,320.0, 660.0,197.0,"true" linkedTo="29"/>
      <path id="29111" linkedTopoints="30" arrow="true"562.0,314.0, 578.0,108.0," d="M562.0,314.0C568.4,231.6 571.6,190.4 578.0,108.0" pointsarrow="562.0,314.0, 578.0,108.0,"true" linkedTo="30"/>
  <problem id="24" name="" numberlength="6." starsfa="" grade="VE" extra="(SDS)" fagrade="VE" lengthstars="" number="6."/>
  <problem id="25" name="" numberlength="7." starsfa="" grade="VE" extra="(SDS)" fagrade="VE" lengthstars="" number="7."/>
  <problem id="26" name="" numberlength="8." starsfa="" grade="V?" extra="(SDS)" fagrade="V?" lengthstars="" number="8.">Start on crimps and crimpy side pull.</problem>
  <problem id="27" name="Tension" numberlength="9." starsfa="***" grade="V5"Mike Hitchcock Dec 2018" extra="(SDS)" fagrade="Mike Hitchcock Dec 2018" length="V5" stars="***" number="9.">Start on low jugs and follow the diagonal line left.</problem>
  <problem id="28" name="Reality Rift" numberlength="10." starsfa="***" grade="V1"Mike Hitchcock Dec 2018" extra="(Highball, SDS)" fagrade="Mike Hitchcock Dec 2018" length="V1" stars="***" number="10.">Great line and climbing!</problem>
  <problem id="29" name="Crack On" numberlength="11." starsfa="*"Dave grade=Nov2018"V1" extra="(SDS)" fagrade="DaveV1" Nov2018stars="*" lengthnumber="11.">Start on jugs and follow the crack to the top.</problem>
  <problem id="30" name="" numberlength="12." starsfa="" grade="V?" extra="(Highball, SDS)" fagrade="V?" lengthstars="" number="12.">Start on pinch, cross Crack On and finish up wall.</problem>
  <image id="35" heightlegend="829true" width="600" src="Mt Hobbs Cracked RH end_front.jpg" widthheight="600" legend="true"829">
      <path id="71971" linkedTopoints="32" arrow="true"355.0,556.0, 245.0,411.0, 150.0,220.0, 208.0,140.0," d="M355.0,556.0C311.0,498.0 282.9,473.1 245.0,411.0C207.1,348.9 155.3,259.2 150.0,220.0C144.7,180.8 184.8,172.0 208.0,140.0" pointsarrow="355.0,556.0, 245.0,411.0, 150.0,220.0, 208.0,140.0,"true" linkedTo="32"/>
      <path id="22158" linkedTopoints="33" arrow="true"375.0,562.0, 361.0,186.0," d="M375.0,562.0C369.4,411.6 366.6,336.4 361.0,186.0" pointsarrow="375.0,562.0, 361.0,186.0,"true" linkedTo="33"/>
      <path id="32396" dpoints="" pointsd=""/>
      <path id="5524" linkedTopoints="31163.0,572.0, 151.0,222.0," d="M163.0,572.0C158.2,432.0 155.8,362.0 151.0,222.0" pointslinkedTo="163.0,572.0, 151.0,222.0,31"/>
      <path id="74913" linkedTopoints="34" arrow="true"410.0,543.0, 501.0,394.0, 501.0,251.0," d="M410.0,543.0C446.4,483.4 484.0,448.6 501.0,394.0C518.0,339.4 501.0,308.2 501.0,251.0" pointsarrow="410.0,543.0, 501.0,394.0, 501.0,251.0,"true" linkedTo="34"/>
  <problem id="31" name="" numberlength="13." starsfa="" grade="V?" extra="(SDS)" fagrade="V?" lengthstars="" number="13.">Start on rail with feet in hollow. Bust up to crack junction, without using the crack.</problem>
  <problem id="32" name="" numberlength="14." starsfa="" grade="V1" extra="(SDS)" fagrade="V1" lengthstars="" number="14.">Start on jugs in bottom of crack. Follow cracks to the top. A nicer start is on the rail of problem 8.</problem>
  <problem id="33" name="Pop till you drop" numberlength="15." starsfa="*" grade="V4" extra="(Stand)" fagrade="V4" lengthstars="*" number="15.">Start on jug in crack and left crimp bust up to the horizontal then the top.</problem>
  <problem id="34" name="Fun" length="" fa="Dave Nov 2018" extra="(SDS)" grade="V1" stars="*" number="16." stars="*" grade="V1" >Start on jugs at bottom then straight up.</problem>
  <text class="heading3" id="39">Predator Boulder</text>
  <text class="text" id="40">Predator Boulder is 20m East of Cracked Boulder.</text>
  <image id="41" legend="true" width="700" src="Predator_small.jpg" height="681" legendx="9" legendy="14">
      <path id="86794" points="237.0,482.0, 299.0,256.0, 284.0,79.0," d="M237.0,482.0C261.8,391.6 290.8,326.6 299.0,256.0C307.2,185.4 290.0,149.8 284.0,79.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="42"/>
      <path id="38801" points="415.0,373.0, 495.0,212.0, 497.0,168.0," d="M415.0,373.0C447.0,308.6 488.5,228.4 495.0,212.0C501.5,195.6 496.2,185.6 497.0,168.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="43"/>
      <path id="20271" points="356.0,561.0, 429.0,455.0, 512.0,291.0, 508.0,267.0," d="M356.0,561.0C385.2,518.6 403.2,499.6 429.0,455.0C454.8,410.4 508.2,300.0 512.0,291.0C515.8,282.0 509.6,276.6 508.0,267.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="44"/>
  <problem id="42" name="Scat" length="" fa="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V0" stars="" number="17.">Start on low jug. Jugs almost all the way!</problem>
  <problem id="43" name="Predator" length="" fa="Dave NovHumphries 2018" length=""Apr 2019" extra="(Stand)" grade="V4" stars="**" number="18.">Start on large jug long moves to the top. Sit is a project.</problem>
  <problem id="44" name="Prey" length="" fa="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V2" stars="" number="19.">Start on jugs at bottom then straight up.</problem>
  <text id="36" class="heading3"the lowest slopey ramp. Better if you don’t use the crack at the top.</problem>
  <image id="48" legend="true" width="700" src="Predator_right_small.jpg" height="394">
      <path id="18806" points="183.0,306.0, 90.0,133.0, 128.0,77.0," d="M183.0,306.0C145.8,236.8 96.3,159.3 90.0,133.0C83.7,106.7 112.8,99.4 128.0,77.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="45"/>
      <path id="13665" points="340.0,255.0, 276.0,62.0," d="M340.0,255.0C314.4,177.8 301.6,139.2 276.0,62.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="46"/>
      <path id="77779" points="544.0,262.0, 515.0,152.0, 641.0,52.0," d="M544.0,262.0C532.4,218.0 495.9,193.3 515.0,152.0C534.1,110.7 590.6,92.0 641.0,52.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="47"/>
  <problem id="45" name="Over Reach" length="" fa="Dave Humphries Apr 2019" extra="(SDS)" grade="V2" stars="*" number="20.">Head for the huge lip jug.</problem>
  <problem id="46" name="Modern Toss" length="" fa="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V4" stars="" number="21.">Nice if you like that sort of thing. Start on the low jug and huck to the lip jug.</problem>
  <problem id="47" name="Lowest of the Low" length="" fa="Dave Humphries Apr 2019" extra="(SDS)" grade="V3" stars="" number="22.">Start on the stack o' flakes jug, roll out right.</problem>
  <text class="heading3" id="36">The Emasculator</text>
  <text idclass="37text" classid="text37">This area is below Cracked boulder. Follow the track back to the double taped markers then under the Golden Greek boulder to The Emasculator. This area has a range of walls and overhangs, the biggest of which is The Emasculator.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Currently no problems have been done in this area.</text>
  <image id="38" width="800" src="Emasculator_small.jpg" height="561" width="800"/>