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  <header id="12" name="Hillwood (CLOSED)" walk="5 min" sun="Mixed" rock="Basalt" acknowledgement="" intro="This area is closed to all access.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The sport crag of Hillwood has some good bouldering potential. The rock generally needs lots of cleaning and most of the landings are bad. But with a bit of work some nice problems emerge.  There are a lot more problems than listed here, developed by Ben Thorp and Mark Polinski, but they have not been written up as yet due to access concerns." history="" access="This area is closed to all access.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;From Launceston drive down the East Tamar highway for about half an hour. Turn left towards the Batman Bridge. Before you get to the bridge turn left on to Craigburn Road. Follow the gravel road down the hill for 2.5km until you see some boulders on the left hand side of the road. Park at the gate on the left. Jump the fence and walk up the vehicle track for less than 50m to find a cairn on the left of the track. From the cairn follow the rough worn track up the hill for 3-4 minutes. This will lead you to the amazing amphitheatre of cliffs that is known as Matto Grosso. This is the main area with around 50 sport routes. The guidebook resides in a tin under a boulder at the end of the walking track." camping="" autonumber="false"/>
  <text class="heading2" id="4">Chessboard Boulder</text>
  <text class="access" id="5">The following problems are on the boulder at the base of the Chessboard, just up and over the little scree slope behind where the guide book is.</text>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V5" name="       " number="1." stars="       " id="6">The left hand arete of the boulder on small crimps and slopes</problem>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V3" name="The Pawn" number="2." stars="       " id="7">Sit start just to the right of the left hand arete, then move up on edges to the left end of the ramp then on to the top.</problem>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V3" name="En Passant" number="3." stars="       " id="8">Sit start just right of centre, up to the projecting jug, then dyno up to the slopey ramp and top out.</problem>
  <problem extra="(Stand)" grade="V?" name="       " number="4." stars="       " id="9">The right arete</problem>
  <text class="heading2" id="10">Hidden Towers</text>
  <text class="text" id="11">There have been about 10 problems developed in the bowl shaped depression below Hidden Towers, with potential for about 10 more.</text>