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  <header id="20" name="Gordons Hill" walk="2 mins" rock="Small sandstone blocks" intro="AnotherUnfortunately boulderinga spotbig inhouse suburbiahas worthbeen atbuilt leastabove onethe orboulders, twoand visitsthey withare anow handful of good sandstone problems is Gordon's Hill Rocks." access="From Lindisfarne take Gordon's Hill Road and turn left onto Kent St. The exact place to park and start walking seems to change all the time, with the ever increasing encroachment of suburbia on the bush. At the time of writing the best place to access the boulders is the right of way at the end of the Avoca St cul de sac, between numbers 27 and 32. From here wander along the bottom fence until you see the boulders up the hill. DO NOT PARK in Avoca St as this has caused complaints from residents. Park further away in Kent St. "/><text in someone&apos;s back yard. Looks like they are lost to climbing forever now. The guide is kept here for historical reference." access="" sun="" acknowledgement="" history="" camping="" autonumber="false"/>
  <text class="heading3" id="5">Top Face</text><imagetext>
  <image src="Gordons Hillgh1.jpg" id="6"/><problem  height="180"/>
  <problem extra="(Stand)" grade="V0" name="       " number="1." stars="       " id="7">Blocky left arete then slopey topout</problem><problemproblem>
  <problem extra="(Stand)" grade="V1" name="       " number="2." stars="       " id="8">Face through large hueco</problem><problemproblem>
  <problem extra="(Stand)" grade="V3" name="       " number="3." stars="*" id="9">Up the blank middle of the top vertical wall, from an undercling to small double pockets to the top.</problem><problemproblem>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="VE" name="       " number="4." stars="       " id="10">Juggy face</problem><textproblem>
  <text class="heading3" id="11">Main Boulder</text><imagetext>
  <image src="Gordons Hillgh2.jpg" id="12"/><problem  height="360"/>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V1" name="No Entry" number="1." stars="       " id="13">Move up from the black cave via jugs to the top. Eliminate the big holds to make it more interesting</problem><problemproblem>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V6?" name="       " number="2." stars="       " id="14">Project - Sit start at flakes in the middle of the back of the cave, out to underclings on lip and up middle of face.</problem><problemproblem>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V3/4" name="Gordon" new="false" number="3." stars="**" id="15">Sit start with your hands on the good hold at the lip on the right of the face and dyno up to the jug and then mantle. You could probably start it further in, but it doesn't climb that well.</problem><problemproblem>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V4/5" name="Bong On" number="4." stars="*" id="16">Do the first moves on Gordon and then traverse leftwards from the jug along the horizontal break without using the top of the boulder (or the big jugs at the left end), then finish up the left hand side of the face on slopes.</problem><problemproblem>
  <problem extra="(SDS)" grade="V?" name="       " number="5." stars="       " id="17">Arete just right of Gordon, avoiding the holds on the problems to the left and right.</problem><problemproblem>
  <problem extra="       " grade="V2" name="Trash" number="6." stars="       " id="18">Sit start at the right hand edge of the overhang. Up to a sidepull then up and left to topout.</problem><problemproblem>
  <problem extra="       " grade="V5" name="       " number="7." stars="       " id="19">Start as for Trash, then traverse leftwards along the lip to the starting hold on Gordon. Either finish upwards (easier) or as for Bong On (harder).</problem><problem>