Blog from October, 2018

Freycinet climbing partner

 Hi looking to find a climbing partner/people to climb regularly over summer in Freycinet. Here full time. Let me know!

Bouldering News

I recently found a bouldering area at Mt Hobbs near Buckland and have just written up the first few problems.

The bouldering area is formed by the dolerite columns of Mt Hobbs falling down the southern side providing slabs, vertical and overhanging faces on the one outcrop, literally something for everyone. The boulders range in size from low balls to massive highballs that will require special trousers, with everything in between.

The potential looks enormous but it’s hard to know without trying a range of the available boulders, so get a brush and a shovel/spade to clean the toupee of ferns off the top out holds and put your name to something!

The boulders are featured on almost all faces and the dolerite texture is like coarse sandstone. The landings are generally, surprisingly good.

A typical block steep front vertical to overhanging sides and featured.

And a slab to show the diversity of problems!

Has anyone been on this route lately that can comment on the condition of the bolts? I notice that the guide on thesarvo mentions that some of the bolts on pitch six were in poor condition as of January 2016. 

Hey does anyone know where to access the video of Cedar Wright & Co climbing down at Cape Pillar. I think it might be from a Reel Rock, maybe 2010? Does anyone have a URL, keen to check it out